Buddha Candle


Our beautiful serene Buddha vessels would be a lovely addition to anyone’s home. Our highly scented handmade soy wax candles will fill your space with the most alluring aroma.

Amber & Orchid - A rich, sultry fragrance with warm Moroccan amber, bitter orange leading to a soft floral fragrance with elegant top notes of freesia, violet, pink pepper, gardenia all supported by a heart of lily, jasmine and orchid.

Meloe - Our biggest seller to date! The sweet fruity scent of mouthwatering watermelon, with notes of refreshing cucumber and delicate aloe.

Nan’s Kitchen - The nostalgic scent of the weekends spending time with nanna baking in the kitchen. Let the scent of cinnamon fill your room followed by nutmeg and spiced ginger resting on a base of vanilla.

Sweet Dreams - The calming sleepy scent of lavender with the comforting aroma of baby powder, resting on a base of chamomile for the most soothing dreamy scent.

Vanilla - Sometimes we prefer to keep it simple. A beautiful aroma of Madagascan vanilla beans.

Size - 8oz

Burning Time - 30+ Hours